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Seventh Sense believes that skill development is the most critical factor for a successful career

7 Key Differentiators of Seventh Sense – Why should YOU choose us?

Fantastic client references

We count the best colleges and companies in the country as our repeat clients. This in itself is a testament to our quality and consistency of delivery. Click on our clients to know more

Number of individuals trained

We have trained 109,747+ individuals this Financial Year and 349,747+ individuals till date. This stands proof of our rapid growth and the size of our team.

Feedback and results guarantee

If 75% excellent feedback is not received from you during/after the program, we do not expect any payment. Never happened. We strive to ensure it never does.

Placement opportunities

Depending on the size of the program and the number of participants, we also ensure that multiple placement opportunities are provided to the students.

Comprehensive offerings

We are a one stop shop for all your skill development needs – be it for companies, colleges, Government or individuals. Click on our services to know more.

Robust online learning and assessment tool

To ensure there is continuous learning without any strain on budget and time of our clients, our Test Sense product meets all online learning and assessment needs.

Best price in the market

The only organization that provides the best services at the best possible price. Our personal guarantee.



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