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Our skill development programs for colleges meet all possible needs of the management, students and the companies seeking to hire to them. We conduct skill development programs that significantly increase the placement numbers of students, guaranteeing high flying careers for the students, enhanced branding for the colleges and talented manpower for companies. All of our programs can be customized depending on the needs, time availability, budget constraints of our college clients. Following are some of our key services for our college clients

1. Campus Recruitment Training – CREAM™ (Click here)

• Known as Campus Recruitment Excellence Achievement Modules (CREAM)
• Programs designed by Company HRs and delivered by trainers with significant corporate experience
• Guaranteed to increase the number and quality of placements
• Core Modules of CREAM (customizable duration)

    1. Aptitude Brilliance (Quantitative, Verbal and Logical concepts, shortcuts, practice problems, company pattern)

    2. Technical Dominance (C, C++, Java, DBMS, Core subjects of different branches such as EEE, E&C, Mech and Civil. Specialisation specific for MBA students)

    3. Resume Builder (unique resume for each student developed in the lab)

    4. Company Tests Excellence (mock tests on aptitude and technical on the companies that visit your campus with detailed report and areas for improvement)

    5. Group Discussion Mastery (stand out in a crowd with practical learning and mock GDs)

    6. Interviews Success (Cracking Technical, HR, Telephonic and Stress Interviews with interviews by company professionals)

    7. Soft Skills Supremacy (For the complete package)

2. Communication Perfection (Cambridge BEC guidelines) – REVAMP™ (Click here)

• Improve fluency, listening comprehension, spoken grammar, and pronunciation, as well as developing confidence in spoken English skills for different situations
• Overcome the fear and anxiety of communicating in English
• Make participants comfortable in using English as the default mode of communication
• Error-free communication in spoken and written form
• Effective and persuasive communication as individuals, pairs and big groups
• Ability to speak or write on topics without prior preparation
• Provide participants with in depth grammar usage tricks for error free communication in every scenario
• Class exercises for sustained communication excellence

3. Technical Training – HiTek™ (Click here)

• To ensure that technical aspects linked to the student’s respective department is addressed
• Each of the branches (ECE, CSE, EEE, IT, ME, CIV) will have key areas of their specialisation covered through interview specific sessions
• Each student will have specialisation specific sessions, where key concepts are covered. For e.g. for Computer Science students, Principles of Object Orientation motivations for OOP would be covered
• Enriches students with strong basics of Technical Subjects which will be helpful to face technical interviews
• Students get to know how to answer aptitude questions in various programming Languages (Written & Interview)
• Students get an understanding of various programming principles and concepts through practical based approach
• Technical training will be handled by industry experts who have real time experience on programming language

4.Workshops and Certifications – CertiPlus™ (Click here)

We help candidates meet the advanced requirements of the corporates through industry required certifications such as

CSE and allied branches

    • Java and J2EE

    • MySQL

    • DBMS

    • Certified Software Tester (CSTE)

    • CCNA

    • Mobile Technology

    • Operating Systems

ECE and allied branches

    • MATLAB


    • FProgrammable Logic Device (PLD)

    • Field Programmable Logic Arrays (FPGA)

Mechanical/Civil and allied branches

    • CAD/AutoCAD/CAM

    • CATIA

    • PRO-e

    • STAAD.Pro

5. Company Specific AchievemenT – CoSAT™ (Click here)

• To ensure students are fully geared towards the written test of specific companies that visit their respective colleges (TCS, CTS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Tech Mahindra etc)

• To expose them to as many different patterns and help them master test taking skills

• To provide sufficient practise through HomeTests™

• Solving Aptitude papers of the Top 5 recruiters of the College

• Discussion of the papers with shortcuts

• Students will be provided with solutions and answer keys

• 20 papers to be discussed

• Choice of paper based and online

• Continuous analysis based on their performance & give them tips based on their performance

• Report to the college after each test with detailed student performance inputs

• Ensuring the greatest conversion in company selection process ever experienced by the college

6. Company Simulations and Virtual Recruitment (Click here)

• Provides students with the complete simulation and experience of the entire company recruitment process by actually taking part in mock recruitment drives of companies that visit your campus for recruitment

• Screening after each stage, simulating company cut offs, giving students a real time feedback of the actual process and highlighting areas for improvement

• Our online portal ‘Test Sense’ – allows students a chance to experience online tests of different companies in actual test conditions

• The Group Discussions and Interviews are conducted by people who are employed in the respective companies

• Multiple Virtual Company Recruitment Drives can be conducted depending on the preference of the College

• College has the option of choosing the companies and the number of Virtual Company Recruitment Drives that they wish us to do

• We will also have interactions with the company representatives who will enable the students to successfully clear the placement requirements of different companies

7. GRE and TOEFL ACHIEVER (Click here)

• 300 hours of comprehensive high quality training (over 12 months) covering all aspects of GRE & TOEFL.

• Detailed 5000 + pages of material approved by universities.

• 50+ full length tests and 50+ sectional tests with detailed scoring & solutions.

• Class and schedule tailor made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years to face preparation and guarantee success.

• Cumulative experience of 6 years in foreign education.

• Over 1000+ students placed in high ranking universities across the globe.

• Rs 25 lakhs spent on Research & Development of material.

• U.S trained and certifi­ed professional trainers.

• 50 % score improvements guaranteed.

• Placed students in top universities of the world including

    • Harvard University, London Business School, ISB, INSEAD and many more

• Tie ups with 20+ globally reputed universities

8. Faculty Development Programs (Click here)

• Train faculty members on the latest trends and technologies in their respective fields

• To assist faculty members in

    • Connecting with the students

    • Developing and using better teaching techniques and methods

    • Improving the effectiveness of the teacher-student interactions

    • Helping students learn better and perform well in examinations

    • Being a mentor for the students

9. Online Learning and Assessments – 24/7/365™ (Click here)


    • Study material and video lessons provided for online learning

    • Comprehensive question bank of 50,000+ questions

    • Regularly updated with the latest pattern and questions

    • Covers Quantitative, Verbal, Reasoning and Technical

    • Modules grouped by difficulty level

    • Effective learning by tracking progress made in modules

    • Answer keys and solutions for each question


    • Tests in topic specific, comprehensive or company specific format

    • No limits on the number of tests and assessments

    • Integrated with a dashboard with detailed analysis

    • Answer keys and solutions to each question in the test

    • Actual company patterns with previously asked questions

    • Relative performance across all test takers



Clients may choose to engage us for a specific task or as a way of enhancing the overall Talent (HR) function. We consult and implement for start-ups, small and specific functions/departments of medium/larger companies.

    • Start-up companies may require guidance in establishing their HR department including developing policies and procedures

    • Small companies might need assistance in taking nascent Talent programs to a new level

    • Departments of medium/larger sized companies love suggestions on how to revamp the department or enhance organisational wide initiatives to obtain the best advantage

Consulting Solutions
  • • Organizational building

  • • Senior Staffing Assessment

    • HR Policy Formulation

    • Job Evaluation

    • Performance Management System

    • Compensation & Benefits

    • HR Studies, Diagnostics and Surveys

    • Enhance Organizational Effectiveness

    • Leadership Development & Succession Planning

    • Mergers & Acquisitions

Recruitment Solutions

    • Recruitment Diagnostic

    • Workforce Planning and Optimization

    • Employment Branding

    • Compensation Advisory

    • Strategic Sourcing

    • Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

    • Applicant Tracking and Response Management

    • Testing and Assessments

    • Employee Background Verification

    • On-boarding

Learning and Training Solutions

    • Learning Needs Analysis

    • Learning Design and Development

    • Curriculum Design and Mapping

    • Learning Technology including eLearning

    • Measurement and Benchmarking

    • Learning Organisation Optimisation

    • New hire training

    • Technical Training

    • Soft Skills Training – Best Selling Programs

    • Soft Skills Training – Focused Programs

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If you are an individual looking to upskill your self and not sure how to go about doing it, let us help you out. Few of our services for ambitious individuals are:

Career Counseling

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Customised Resume Writing

Need your resume to stand out? Want your achievements to shine through? Is formatting one of your key concerns? If so, then contact us for a resume you will be proud of


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